New Aquariums officially 'done'
Hobbies aren't ever really done, but the outside is complete | 4/ 3/2018

Fifteen months, from initial design, to this:  

John Ross's article on the 500 magnum revolver
Hosting for posterity... | 10/13/2017

I noted when I went to look for it that John Ross's website is offline.  John's ... Read More

Star Trek – Discovery
A new hope (haven't I seen that somewhere before?) | 9/25/2017

As a longtime Trek fan, I wanted to review my thoughts, and writing them out helps ... Read More

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Spent round


Found this after busting up a cinder block with my revolver... .500 S&W Magnum, 350g Berry's plated bullet, travelling in the 1700fps range.  Nice expansion, for something that was never designed to expand :)  Measures 0.935"