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Fifteen months, from initial design, to this:  

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Jeb Bush for President?

Here we go again... | 12/16/2014

A few years back, I posted an article about why I could never vote for John McCain.  That primary ended with me having a choice of him, or BO… and, against my better judgment, I voted for ‘the lesser of two evils’.  BO won anyway… and I developed a more critical thought process.  I will never walk away from a voting booth with a sour taste in my mouth again.  Practicality can take a flying leap, I’m voting for the best candidate, regardless of his (or her) chances of winning.

Here comes the election cycle of 2016, and people are starting to talk about Jeb Bush.  Sorry, I’ll write in Mickey Mouse before I check Bush’s name on a ballot… and here’s why:

1: No way Bush would close the border.  We badly need to secure our borders, there are lots of folks in this world who would like nothing better than to come here and re-play 9/11, and keeping a two thousand mile wide hole along our southern border is a pretty dumb thing to do.  Add drug cartels to the mix, and it just gets worse.  Here’s my position on illegal immigration:  They’ll keep coming, as long as they can… and we’re making it easy.  Hey, I’m no Native American… and I don’t have anything against Mexicans… heck, if I were there, and dirt poor, I’d try and come here too.  We can debate until the cows come home over what to do with the millions of illegals that are here now… think it through.  If we CLOSE THE DARNED BORDER, the illegal immigrant problem will resolve itself in a generation, right?  Think Jeb is going to do that?  Think again.

2: Big Government.  Jeb’s an ‘establishment’ candidate.  High taxes, more and more regulations, government poking its nose into everyone’s personal business… Government controlled education, big business, special interests… he’s a Bush.  We’ll get much of the same thing we got from the first two.

3: He can’t win.  Hillary is coming, and we need someone we can really get behind to defeat her.  Another pro-establishment old white male isn’t going to do it.  Honestly, nobody on the current list is very exciting to me… Perhaps a solid, conservative woman? Jan Brewer?? Nikki Haley?? Heck, I don’t know, but Jeb Bush?  No chance.