New Aquariums officially 'done'
Hobbies aren't ever really done, but the outside is complete | 4/ 3/2018

Fifteen months, from initial design, to this:  

John Ross's article on the 500 magnum revolver
Hosting for posterity... | 10/13/2017

I noted when I went to look for it that John Ross's website is offline.  John's ... Read More

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A case for Freedom

NYC Police ‘Slowdown’ shows some interesting data. | 2/ 3/2015

Because of the mayor’s lack of support, the NYC PD staged a very effective ‘work slowdown’ protest. Thousands of parking tickets went unwritten, minor traffic violations were ignored, virtually nobody was arrested for drinking in public, or jumping the subway turnstile… Claims are that NYC lost somewhere north of 5 million dollars in fines and court fees.  And the most important thing that happened was this…

Life went on.

According to Reuters:  “During the slowdown, there was also a moderate decline in reports of murder, robbery and other serious crime, the data showed.” 

That’s right, despite thousands of ‘crimes’ going unpunished, less murder, robbery, and ‘serious’ crimes.  People went on with their lives.  Society did not fall apart, despite all of those speeding tickets that never got written.

Now, Anarchist, I’m not.  I tend to side with the police on most issues.  If I had to guess, I’d say that most police officers would rather be chasing those ‘serious’ criminals than writing speeding tickets anyway.  Not the cops fault, really… they’re not the ones who make the laws, they’re just charged with enforcing them.  Seems to me, what this whole thing really shows, is that perhaps we don’t need all these laws in the first place.

Imagine that.