New Aquariums officially 'done'
Hobbies aren't ever really done, but the outside is complete | 4/ 3/2018

Fifteen months, from initial design, to this:  

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Aquarium update

Love it when a plan comes together | 7/15/2015

Much like my original design :)  Tank is in place, sump, plumbing, return pump, electrical supply... That's just tap water, I wanted to run the pump for a while, test the plumbing, see what I can do to reduce noise.  It's not bad, there is a vacuum relief hole in the top of the return line that makes a bit of splash... I've got a plan to silicon a bit of PVC in as a guide that should quiet it down without increasing the risk of an overflow.  The sump, an EShopps R100, has a couple of problems... 1, the return pump compartment is 3.5" wide, which severely limits your choices on a return pump.  I bought a cheap Chinese DC pump that will work for now.  The 2nd problem is the splash down area of the sump.  Needs a bit of a redesign, to keep the gurgling down. I'm working on it :)  

Next step, rock formation.  I've ordered 50lbs of dry base rock, and will begin sculpting as soon as it arrives.

I find myself enjoying the process... Not really in a hurry to get it 'done'... despite my wife and daughter asking when I'm going to put fish in it.  Slow and steady :)