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Loper Bright Ent v. Raimondo

Drain the Swamp! | 5/ 2/2023

Remember that name, it's going to be a very important for all of us that believe in personal freedom. 

A little background: Back in the 80’s, under Regan, a minor case was decided in error.  Chevron v. National Resources Council.  Prior to that decision, the legislature made the law, the courts interpreted it, and the president carried out those laws.  The concept of Chevron Deference said that unelected, faceless bureaucracy could now re-interpret laws to mean what they want them to mean.  Groups like the EPA, FTC, DHS, AG… and let’s not forget, BATFE.  All their regulatory power relies on reinterpretation of laws made long ago. 

The EPA's ever changing emissions regs for the auto industry?  Their ever evolving wetlands regulations?  Both based on old laws passed by congress, but ever evolving, ever changing, without congress needing to do a thing.  The BATFE banning bump stocks, force reset triggers, pistol braces, etc?  All based on the NFA and GCA.  Laws passed generations ago, but still evolving, under ever changing definitions arbitrarily set by faceless bureaucracy.  No need to make unpopular votes in congress… just let the bureaucracy make the rules.

No more.  Loper Bright Ent v. Raimondo.  In something less than a year, Chevron Deference will be a memory.  Bad law, finally corrected.  Remember Obama saying how he didn't need congress, as long as he had a phone and a pen?  This is what he was referring to.  He didn't need congress to make a law, just call the proper bureaucracy and have them change some rules, presto, new regulations.

The state of Maine, forcing fisherman to pay the salaries of the inspectors forced on them by regulation, is going to put an end to 40 years of bureaucratic overreach.  

I'm not sure... sometimes I think it's hopeless, that we've already lost this once great nation... and then something like this happens.  Renews my sense of optimism.  Gets me to thinking maybe there's still time.