Gender Lunacy
Facts first... | 5/31/2023

There are two sexes.  Male and Female.  Anything biologically inconsistent ... Read More

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Gender Lunacy

Facts first... | 5/31/2023

There are two sexes.  Male and Female.  Anything biologically inconsistent with that fact are either rare, unfortunate deformity, or mutilation, intentional or not.

Ok, that out of the way?  I can hear the screaming already.  Dislike that fact all you want, it remains a fact.  Note I said sexes, not genders.  You want to make up a dozen or so more genders?  Fine.  Just don’t expect me to support your illusions.

I don’t care what consenting adults do in their own homes.  Don’t care if people of disparate sexual preferences live together, and they should be able to get married… provided they can find someone who doesn’t mind performing such a ceremony.  Freedom of religion and all… forcing some Baptist minister to perform a ceremony abhorrent to his beliefs is wrong, as is forcing a baker to make a cake for the event.

I don’t care if you want to cross dress, but doing so does not make you a woman.  You wanna wear a dress so that you can compete in woman’s sports?  Nope.  Sorry.  You made a choice not to live as your biological reality, fine, but sports, dorm rooms, public rest rooms, and other such places should depend on your current biological sex.  On the cross dressing thing…. Why is it that cross dressers seem to want to share their gender illusions with young children?  Why on earth would I want some queen confusing my 7-year-old about gender at a library?  Why would said queen WANT to read to young children… unless it’s for recruitment purposes. That, I very much disagree with. 

I don’t care that Bud Light supported Dylan Mulvaney, or whatever company made whatever the latest outrageous commercial, or whatnot.  Don’t care.  Also, I don’t want to be preached at by my beer company, or my newscaster, or my sports commentator, about gender dystopia.  Yes, I vote with my dollars.  I don’t buy Bud Light… but I haven’t done so in years.  I like to buy local, or at least American when I can.  I don’t buy InBev, unless I’ve got no choice.  Got nothing to do with Dylan.  If Bud wants to advertise in crossdressers magazine, fine with me.  Want to brag about doing so during a football game commercial?  Deal with the consequences.

You do you.  You want to identify as a fuzzy lizard?  Fine with me.  You want me to use your pronouns?  No, thanks.  Just as you have the right to be you, I have the right to be me.  In no way am I responsible for supporting your illusions.  Going a step further, telling my kids, at elementary school ages, that not supporting your illusions is going to be punished in school?  Worse yet, that perhaps THEY’D like to explore the possibility of identifying as something they’re not…  I’d pull my kids outa public school so fast it’d make your head spin.