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Too Late

Could we be too late to recover? | 7/26/2023

Too late?

I wake this morning, to hear that Hunter Biden’s lawyer called the court, mis-represented himself as a member of the opposing law team, and asked to have all the evidence submitted to the court opposing the plea removed from evidence.

This guy needs to be disbarred, but let’s think this through.  Hunter made a sweetheart deal with the DOJ, pleading guilty to a misdemeanor on what should have been felony charges, and totally dropping a federal firearms felony that would cost anyone else in this country five years in the pen.  A friend of the court motion was submitted, suggesting that the judge might want to review the mountain of evidence against Hunter before accepting the sweetheart deal.  Hunter has his lawyer LIE TO THE COURT, saying that he was on the team that submitted the evidence to the court, and asking that it be scrubbed.

Perjury.  No other way to see it.  Perjury in a federal case usually gets you that five years in the pen.  Judge can’t ignore this, can he?

I don’t know.  Maybe he can.  At this point, in this once great nation… maybe he can. 

At this point, from the left’s point of view, Trump Derangement Syndrome would suggest that anything…


… that can be done to keep Trump, and Trump’s supporters, out of office is acceptable.

Trump was impeached for requesting that Ukraine investigate Biden’s involvement in shutting down investigation of Burisma.  Remember Biden bragging about withholding a billion dollars unless Ukraine fired the prosecutor investigating Burisma?  That was fine… but Trump asking to investigate it resulted in Trump being charged with the same thing that Biden was guilty of, and had bragged about. 

Trump’s home was invaded by gun toting FBI thugs, because he had some classified documents in his home.  Every president leaving office in recent memory has ended up inadvertently taking classified documents home.  Biden has had classified documents in his home since he was a senator.  Bush?  Sure.  Obama? Yup, him too.  None were subjected to a pre-dawn raid by armed feds… but it’s Trump, so that’s OK.

There’s a mountain of evidence that the Biden family has been selling influence to foreign nationals for years.  Bank transactions, multiple shell corporations, eyewitness testimony, computer records… Enough evidence that, were the culprit on the other side, he’d have been charged with a bucket load of felonies long ago.  But it’s Biden.  Can’t charge him… we might end up re-electing Trump. 

Lying, when it’s done to suppress Trump, is fine.  We’ve had several years of interference by the government in our free speech, suppressing the Hunter Biden story, talking about the vaccine, evidence on Wuhan lab… all of these stories were worth discussing, none of it was foreign interference, yet any mention of these things would get you banned from social media.  At the request of the FBI and DOJ… who are prevented by the bill of rights from interfering with freedom of speech.  No problem.  It was done to get Biden elected… had to do something, Trump might have won!

So... lying is fine.  Perjury… which is simply lying to a court… same thing, right?  Having your pet prosecutor stretch the law to charge Trump with a felony for what should have been a misdemeanor, even if he had done it? Sure.  Locking up people who protested on Jan 6?  Of course.  Charging any of the left wing lunatics that quite literally BURNED DOWN OUR CITIES in support of BLM and Antifa?  Of course not.  That was mostly peaceful protests, remember? 

We’ve got corruption spilling out of DC faster than illegals coming across the southern border.


From the left’s point of view, it’s all fine.  Nothing to see here.  Media isn’t going to cover it.  It’s all being done to keep Trump in his place, so it’s all fine.  A criminal action, in support of a goal as noble as keeping MAGA down, isn’t really a crime at all. It’s justified.

Are we too late?  Is it even possible to get our country back?  As entrenched as the socialist left is at this point… in the DC swamp, our schools and colleges, DEI in investment and business…. Can it be done?  I just don’t know anymore.

Ok, I see a few things that give me hope.  Many of the recent SCOTUS rulings are positive, 2A rights, free speech, freedom of religion… they finally figured out that the word ‘abortion’ does not appear in the constitution.  Bud Light is now number 14.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t care about Dylan Mulvaney, but like most Americans, I don’t want that crap in my face while I’m enjoying the game. DEI seems to be falling out of favor in corporate America.  There’ve been a few other encouraging signs… but it’s a very small minority.

Here's the deal.  I have no doubt that Freedom will win in the end.  I can see it no other way.  Problem is… we may have gone too far to recover without bloodshed. 

I pray that I’m wrong.