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Gray Bearded Fat Man

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I'm a middle of the country, middle of the road, gray haired fat man, and I've had enough.

The people of this nation value freedom, we have fought for it for generations, and will continue to do so. Our government has ignored the mass invasion of our nation through it's insecure borders for decades. It has to stop. Our legislature has taken away our rights through illegal legislation such as the Patriot Act, the National Firearms Act of 1934, and the Gun Control Act of 1968. Why should we continue to allow such laws to stand? Our court system has extended Imminent Domain to include stealing private property for new commercial development. Show me the constitutional basis for this type of theft! We have allowed the Executive branch of government to expand itself beyond recognition. We now have a 'Homeland Security' department, with no constitutional justification, but an incredible amount of power. We allow the BATFE, a tax collection agency formed under the department of the treasury, to equip it's agents with military hardware of all types, so that they can collect taxes? Why do you need machine guns and armed attack aircraft to collect taxes?

It's well past time for the people of this nation to take back the country our forefathers built. I'm glad that none of the signators of the Constitution are alive to see what a mess we have made of their good intentions. This nation was built with pride, it's high time we bring it back! A huge number of our citizens have become socialist drones, depending on our welfare state to pay for everything they need. Here's a shocker for you... people who derive their income from the state will vote for every tax increase proposed. Why shouldn't they, they won't pay it anyway, and it means more money in the government's coffers for them! Socialism causes a horrible cycle of dependency, and it's destroying our nation, just as it has destroyed every nation that has ever attempted it. This disaster is being perpetuated by our public school system, intent on indoctrinating the next generation of non-confrontational, non-judgmental welfare recipients as fast as they can.

The United Nations is attempting to overthrow our government without firing a shot. They want us to willingly give up the rights that our constitution says are inalienable. The ‘American Civil Liberties Union’ is defending pedophiles and persecuting people with the gall to display Christmas decorations, while ignoring the decline of the one right we have that can ever be used to defend the rest of them.

There are encouraging signs out there, if you look. The minutemen are taking it upon themselves to secure our borders. Concealed Carry laws are sweeping the nation, with only a few liberal holdout states remaining. 'Stand Your Ground' legislation is following the same path, allowing our citizens to defend themselves without fear of prosecution. Home and private school enrollment is on the rise. The liberal media has some honest competition, through cable news outlets, talk radio, and internet sites such as this one.

People, if you aren't registered to vote, get it done. There's no excuse for apathy. As a citizen of this nation, our children's future is in your hands! Don't forfeit the game! Let’s see, are there any liberal groups that I haven’t PO’d yet?  Seems like a good start to me!